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You can be a “Pro Per” litigant and represent yourself, if your financial resource becomes too prohibitive for you to pay a sizable retainer fee. 

If you wish to do it yourself but are too busy to attend the FREE legal clinic (offered by either the county or the Superior Court where you reside), then perhaps this office can help you with all paperwork (WEEKEND service is available)*.

You only need to bring in the necessary documents, such as your pay stubs, documents of your debts and/or assets, then our attorney will discuss your situation and will advise you of the required first steps in your divorce proceeding.**

Following the initial consultation, our well-trained and well-educated staff will type up all the required court forms, declarations, etc., while you wait in the office.  After all the paperwork is prepared, our attorney will review everything to ensure all was done professionally, and conforms to the court’s standards and procedures.

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This office can help you in many ways:

● If you wish to file your own divorce petition. This office can help you prepare:

(1) Your Divorce Petition;

(2) Your I&E Statement;

(3) Your Summons; and

(4) Your UCCJA form (if you have children).***

 Our office charges a nominal fee of $150.00
● If you believe that the judge’s ORDER or RULING against you is wrong or unfair. This office can help you prepare: 


(2) Your OBJECTION; and/or

(3) Your APPEAL.***

 Our office charges a nominal fee of $250.00
●If you believe that the opposing party ignores the judge’s ORDER or RULING and refuses to comply with the order.  This office can help you prepare:


(2) Your request for SANCTION against the other party.***

 Our office charges a nominal fee of $350.00

* Call our office to schedule a consultation on weekend.

** A fee of $40 will be charged for the initial consultation fee.

*** Price includes filing your paperwork with the court clerk on your behalf so you need not take a day off from work.  You represent yourself as a “Pro Per” litigant.  You must pay the court fees yourself.  You may qualify for the fee waiver if your income is below the federal guideline.