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Sacramento Area Probate Attorney

When a person passes away, a legal process takes place known as probate. This process involves several important factors that help resolve matters concerning the will and distribution of assets that belong to the estate of the deceased. Generally, if the person had taken necessary measures to avoid confusion or delay in these types matters while they were alive, such as establishment of a will or trust, these processes can begin without having to enter probate. However, in many instances, wills are not established, as death can be sudden and unexpected, and probate becomes a necessity. In these instances, it is vital to contact a probate attorney at the Law Office of Hope C. Elder so that you can ensure proper and efficient application of this process.

Probate typically involves proving to the court that the will, if there is one available, is indeed valid. Also, the property needs to be identified and taken inventory of, as well as receive an appraisal. Once this information is gathered, any outstanding debts or taxes owed by the estate of the deceased are first paid off prior to determining how the assets will be distributed amongst the appropriate parties. This is also applicable in cases where a will is not present.

In cases where a will has been established, a person called the executor is in charge of filing paperwork with the court. If a will has not been set, the judge will appoint someone known as the administrator, whose is likely to be the closest kin or greatest inheritor of the assets of the deceased. After the will has been verified, the court must receive an inventory of the property, debts, assets, and heirs of the estate. Once these processes have been accomplished, the family members and creditors are informed. Since family matters may not always be amicable, especially in cases where there might be contention over who receives certain amounts of money or articles in the estate, it is imperative to hire an experienced and well-qualified probate attorney like Hope who can make these issues as clear and fair as possible to the involved parties. This part of the process can take a long time.

Dealing directly with probate can be a very stressful process. Aside from having to manage the grief of losing a loved one, there are many stressors such as dealing with creditors, appraising the assets, selling assets to pay off creditors, handling miscommunications or disputes between inheritors, dealing with the court system, and the fact that it takes time. If you are in a situation where you believe a probate process is imminent, and you are interested in having it move along and resolve quickly, it is advisable to enlist probate attorney Hope C. Elder. She can help you with her over 20 years of experience in the field. Not only does she empathize with those who have suffered the loss of someone they hold dear, but she can use her expertise to make a tough process come to a quick and fair resolution.

If you are a resident of Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Placer County, or El Dorado County, and you are interested in hiring the services of a probate attorney, please contact the Law Office of Hope C. Elder today and take the first step among many towards efficiently settling the probate process.