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Sacramento Area Visitation Rights Attorney

Family law matters involving children are some of the most strenuous circumstances. You want what is best for your child or children, and so does your ex-spouse. However, your idea of what is best for your child might be very different from what your ex-spouse feels is best for them, which makes the issue of confronting visitation rights so very difficult. With the help of a qualified and well-experienced visitation rights attorney, you can help present your case for what you believe is best. At the Law Office of Hope C. Elder, you will find someone who has twenty years of experience dealing with custody cases involving visitation rights.

As your Sacramento visitation rights attorney, Hope will guide you with her personalized and efficient representation to help you maintain a meaningful and constant role in the upbringing of your children. In California family law courts, it is often a more effective measure to enter with an agreed upon visitation schedule. Your visitation rights attorney can help you work to set up a productive schedule for you and your ex-spouse. If that, however, does not prove successful, which is often the case as divorcing parents are not always on terms that allow for easy agreement on this matter, the judge may set the schedule themselves or require that your visitation rights lawyer work with you in a mediation process.

In the state of California, the area of visitation rights is very important as the best interests of the child are always paramount to the decision process. Public policy is such that contact between the child and both parents is mandatory following dissolution of marriage. The court works to make sure visitation rights are workable and that the child receives everything that they need. To that extent, it is not uncommon for psychological evaluations, witness testimonials, social worker investigations, and, if the child is above the age of 12 years old, their opinion as to who they prefer to spend time with to be called into the overall determination process. If the marriage is being dissolved for reasons such as infidelity or domestic violence, some parents stand to face more harsh scrutiny and hinder their ability to make decisions.

When a divorce occurs, one parent is typically awarded custodial rights, meaning that the child or children spend most of their time living with them. As mentioned, if the impetus of the divorce was misconduct on the part of one parent, there is a greater possibility they will not be favored to gain custodial rights. They will then be the party awarded visitation rights, to keep in line with the policy to keep the child in continuing communication with both parents. Whether you are the custodial parent or the parent being granted visitation rights, you will want to ensure that your rights and the rights of your family are well-protected. Hope C. Elder is a visitation rights attorney with the experience and skill set you need to help you fight for and protect your rights as a parent.
If you live in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Placer County, or El Dorado County and you are seeking the service of a qualified visitation rights attorney, contact the Law Office of Hope C. Elder today and fight for the rights that you and your child deserve!