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Sacramento Area Wills and Trust Attorney

Death is not something we ever really want to anticipate or think about. It is discomforting, we all fear it, we all know it will come someday, but we tend to think it might happen at some distant point in the future and put off planning for it. The best way to protect your family when you die is to leave your assets in order so that they will not have to deal with the burden of going into probate once you are no longer here. By hiring a wills and trust attorney, you will be guaranteeing yourself the peace of mind that your family will be well protected when your time comes, whether it is tomorrow or in 80 years. If you live in Sacramento, and you are interested in hiring a qualified and experienced wills and trust attorney, contact the Law Office of Hope C. Elder today and find out how you can arrange for your family’s future peace of mind to be preserved as well.

A will is a document that is presented to the court following your death to validate your instructions on how to distribute your property and assets. As your wills and trust attorney, Hope will help you set up and confirm your will by formally writing it out and having it signed by two witnesses who will be there to ensure that you are indeed the person who wrote and signed the will. It is imperative to note that unless the strict legal guidelines of the state are adhered to in the formulation of your will, it will render your will invalid. You must do what is required by law, which is another reason getting a qualified wills and trust attorney on your side is so important to establishing your will.

A trust is a legal device that allows you to manage your assets while you are still alive and also allows your property to be distributed accordingly following your death. These instruments are established by writing out an agreement or declaration that appoints a trustee to administer the assets in the trust and it also contains information as to how it is to be managed and distributed following the death of the owner. If you are planning on leaving everything ready for your family, such as setting up an organized method of distributing inheritance to your children, then you need to have someone like Hope as your wills and trust attorney in order to ensure proper and efficient planning and implementation.

Hope C. Elder has over twenty years of experience working in the area of securing wills and trusts for her clients. She will use her experience as an effective tool in comprehending your goals and putting them into the formal and confirmed documentation necessary to ensure they are carried out successfully following your passing. A well-established trust will allow your family to grieve when that time does come, and it will spare them from the tribulations of having to handle any problems that may arise from non-existent or poorly issued trusts.

If you live in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Placer County, or El Dorado County and you are interested in enlisting the quality services of an experienced wills and trust attorney, contact the Law Office of Hope C. Elder today and start making those vital plans to protect your family for when the inevitable does occur.