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Did you know?

► If your income is below the federal guideline, then you are entitled to a fee waiver.  A fee waiver means that you do not have to pay the court fees.

► If you believe that the judge made an error in your divorce judgment, custody ruling, visitation ruling, then you can appeal his decision and/or ruling.

► You can represent yourself in a litigation.  You are a “pro per” litigant, which is short for “propria persona,” ▬ Latin for “for oneself,” usually applied to a person who represents himself/herself in a lawsuit rather than have an attorney.*

► You can ask the court or the judge to reconsider his ruling, modify the child support order, and/or child visitation order if the circumstances of your situation has changed since the last judgment/order/ruling.  Changed circumstances may include but are not limited to unemployment, completing court-ordered classes, former spouses move away, etc.

► You can ask the court or the judge to sanction (punish with monetary penalty) the opposing party if the opposing party intentionally frustrates the divorce settlement by stonewalling, delaying and/or refusing to accept/sign/return any court documents.





* http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/pro+per